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Honoring a legacy
in the world of organ music

since 1971

Ruth and Clarence Mader will always be an inspiration to those privileged to have known them. 

The Mader Fund is a response by students, colleagues, family and friends to widespread expressions of appreciation for the high ideals and artistic accomplishments of Ruth and Clarence Mader. 
Clarence Mader at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles.  E.M. Skinner, opus 676
You are invited to explore these pages to learn more about the Mader's legacy and continuing activities of the Fund.

Our Mission

The Mader Fund sustains and enhances the field of organ music by engaging in activities that inspire and support performers, composers, and scholars, and promotes the legacy of Ruth and Clarence Mader.

What We Do

These are the activities we engage in to achieve our mission:
Playing Competitions
Composition Competitions and Commissions 
Organ Study Grants
Support for Developing Organists 
Recognition of Prior Participants 
Legacy Presentations 
Educational Events
Organizational Promotion

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