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The Ruth and Clarence Mader Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ruth and Clarence Mader will always be an inspiration to those privileged to have known them. The Fund is a response by students, colleagues, family and friends to widespread expressions of appreciation for the high ideals and artistic accomplishments of Ruth and Clarence Mader. Their creative and imaginative talents grew with the years and enriched the lives of many. A freeway accident in California in July 1971 ended the lives of these two gifted and productive people, but their inspiration and presence continue to live. 

Per the Articles of Incorporation, the specific and primary purposes are to raise money, to obtain contributions and to create a fund or funds to assist young people in developing their talents in the field of music, primarily those people having pipe organ aims, and to arrange for and establish scholarships for deserving students of music. 

Our Mission

The Mader Fund sustains and enhances the field of organ music by engaging in activities that inspire and support performers, composers, and scholars, and promotes the legacy of Ruth and Clarence Mader.


What We Do

These are the activities we engage in to achieve our mission:

  • Playing Competitions

  • Composition Competitions and Commissions

  • Concerts

  • Organ Study Grants

  • Research Grants

  • Support for Developing Organists

  • Recognition of Prior Participants

  • Legacy Presentations

  • Educational Events

  • Organizational Promotion

  • Fundraising


Founding Directors

  • Rayner Brown*

  • Gaylord Carter*

  • George Mader*

  • William Mader*

  • Thomas Murray

  • Orpha Ochse

  • Robert Prichard*

  • Ladd Thomas

          * Deceased


  • President, Linda West Brown

  • Immediate Past President, Frances Nobert

  • Vice-President, Philip Smith

  • Secretary, Erin Mader Price

  • Treasurer, Kirk Mader

Honorary Board Members

  • Gary Bachlund

  • Michael Barone

  • Norberto Guinaldo

  • James Hopkins

  • Alan Morrison

  • Orpha Ochse

  • Damin Spritzer

Board Members

  • Jacob Benda

  • Linda West Brown

  • Peter Fennema

  • Timothy Howard

  • Edmond Johnson

  • Patricia Murphy Lamb

  • Erin Mader Price

  • Kirk Mader

  • Loren Mader

  • Paul Meier

  • Edward Murray

  • Frances Nobert

  • Craig Phillips

  • Cherry Rhodes

  • Manuel Rosales

  • Philip Smith

  • Ann Mader Stillman

  • Ladd Thomas

  • James Walker

  • Ty Woodward

  • Weicheng Zhao

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